21 JANUARY 1945  


The following report and messages were obtained from the Modern Military Branch, National Archives and Records Administration. Due to the general condition of the documents, copying and then scanning them to present here would not have given an acceptable image. I have therefore tried to faithfully recreate the data for presentation on the website. I will have copies of the source documents available at the reunion in Savannah.


KIND OF ACTION: Hit by a Japanese Suicide Aircraft

While employed in offensive operations off Mindoro, P.I., the MADDOX was attacked by a Japanese plane, identified as a Zeke, which made a suicide dive into the starboard superstructure. Damage caused by the simultaneous explosion of the plane and estimated 100 pound bomb which it carried was severe. Casualties were suffered as result of burns or shrapnel wounds.


FROM:           USS MADDOX          (DD-731)         (LUZON)        (ASIATIC)

ACTION:        SECNAV       

DATE:             30 JANUARY 1945

The following named men killed in action at 1310 21 January 1945, beyond continental United States. ALL USNR on active duty. In the line of duty. Next of kin not notified. Buried at sea 22 January 1945. All carried $10,000 NSLI premiums paid by allotment to February 1945.

1 - CAMPBELL, Donald Christenberg             Ens.

2 - BOYTON, Irving Cowles                           TM3

3 - HINDSMAN, Oran Moneyway                  F2c

4 - JONES, Alfred Mason                                MMS3

5 - LATHAM, Louis Adelbert                          SOM3

6 - PAUL, Harry (n)                                         S1c

7 - ROADMAN, Paul Miller                            S2c

FROM:           USS MADDOX          (DD-731)         (LUZON)        (ASIATIC)



DATE:             7 FEBRUARY 1945

The following men were slightly wounded in action at 1310 on 21 January 1945. Treated on board and returned to duty.

1- HANKS, Raymond Justus               Lt(jg)

2- KANE, Anthony Reagan                  Lt(jg)

3- ANDREWS, James (n)                    StM3

4- BARNES, Harry Burdick                 EM2

5- DAWSON, Charles Norton             QM3

6- DOWELL, Ancil Abraham               S1c

7- FOWLER, George Henry, Jr.          S2c

8- GUHL, Kenneth Eugene                  BM2

9- HAGAN, Robert Floyd                   S2c

10- HORVATH, Frank (n)                   CGM

11- MC ANDREWS, John Charles      TM1

12- NEWBOLD, Dwane "L"                MoMM3         

13- NOBLE, Elmer Dunham                S2c

14- ROGALLA, Paul Godfred             F1c

16- WATERS, Harry Lee                    GM3

The following man, previously reported, died 22 January 1945 from wounds received in action 21 January 1945 beyond continental US. Line of duty. Personnel effects being shipped by USS Maddox. Records transferred USS Wisconsin for closing. Letter condolence forwarded BUPERS. Disposition remains unknown.

CLARK, Mervin Randolph                   GM2


The following men, previously reported, were wounded in action 1310 on 21 January 1945. Transferred to USS Wisconsin for treatment 21 January 1945. Beyond continental US. Line of duty. Active duty. Next of kin not notified. Transferred from USS Wisconsin to USS Solace for treatment on 28 January 1945.


OLSON, Warren Glenn  LT Wounds multiple (bomb fragments) Condition: Good
LINDNER, William (n)   ENS Fracture compound right tibia and fibula. Condition: Good
LAIRD, Melvin R. Jr.    ENS Wound bomb fragment left buttocks & shoulder. Condition: Good.
HALDANE, William Richard   ENS Wound bomb fragment left leg. Condition: Good.
CADY, Myron "J"             ENS Wound bomb fragment left leg. Condition: Good.
BARTLETT, Wayne (n)   QM1 Intracranial injury (concussion). Condition: Serious
CLARK, William Lawrence StM2 Wound bomb fragment face and left foot. Condition: Good.
HAAS, Frank Walter  CMM Fracture compound left femur, wounds shrapnel kidney. Condition: Fair.
HEATON, Ambrose Joseph    RdM3 Intracranial injury (concussion). Condition: Good.
KEZELE, Joseph (n)      SoM3 Wounds bomb fragment head and face. Condition: Good.
KIRTLEY, Harry Oliver     F2c Wound bomb fragment left leg. Condition: Good.
McLAUGHLIN, Daniel F1c Wounds both legs Condition: Good
MORDER, John Harry    S1c Wound bomb abdomen. Condition: Good.
MURRAY, Edward Arlan          S2c Wounds multiple bomb fragments. Condition: Good.
PIERONI, Raymond Peter S1c Amputation traumatic right leg. Condition: Good.
THURMAN, Leonard Herman StM1 Wounds multiple bomb fragments. Condition: Good.
WARMATH, Albert Clinton SoM3 Wounds multiple bomb fragments. Condition: Good.