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I frequently receive e-mails from shipmates, or relatives of shipmates looking to make a connection. To assist in this process, I've decided to try running these e-mails on this page and provide everyone the opportunity to reply or place their own messages. To place a message on this site, just e-mail me at: Looking for Shipmates.

My father served on the USS Maddox and was one of the survivors of the sinking off the coast of Sicily. Ironically, the date, July 10, 1943 was my sister's 5th birthday.

I have a plaque of my father's that lists the men who survived the sinking. I was wondering if there are any survivors or relatives of survivors on this list. I would like to contact anyone who might have known my father, Darwin L. Dilno, CQM (PA) in 1943. He went on to serve 30 years in the navy, including duty aboard the Presidential Yachts, USS Potomac and USS Williamsburg, retiring as a chief. I have attached a copy of the list of survivors, which appears to have been hand lettered. I am also curious whether any other copies of this document exist.

Thank you,
Jeri Dilno
4557 Edgeware Road
San Diego, CA 92116
I received an interesting e-mail from Ronald Karpinski, whose uncle, Chief Water Tender Tom Stevens, went down with USS Maddox-DD622 in WWII. Ron has created an interesting website about Tom Stevens.

Anyone knowing Tom Stevens, or who is interesting in knowing more, should contact Ron at rak@ron-karpinski.com.
My grandfather was on the Maddox when it went down, his name is Clovis Steele from Itwamba, Mississippi. He asked me to look up a fellow shipmate of his, Brad Little was the name of the sailor. My grandfather believed he was from Miami, Florida. If you can give me any information I would really appreciate it.
Brian Steele
Years ago I remember my Mother and Father talking about my Father's cousin who was lost at sea during World War II. No one seemed to have much information about him. On a whim I decided to "google" my Father's cousin's name which brought me to your site. I am practically jumping up and down and yet have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that I can't describe. My cousin was Bruce Ostrander Northey from Janesville, Wisconsin.

There is a gravesite for Bruce in the Ward Cemetery between Cambridge and Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. I am so eager to know more about the USS Maddox. Now that I have the ship name I can do more research on the internet. Right now I want to travel to Sicily immediately to view the area where the ship went down.

If anyone remembers my cousin, Bruce, please contact me.
Proudly, Bruce Ostrander Northey's cousin,
Patricia Cook

I went to boot camp with a man from Indianapolis in June 52. He served on USS Maddox between 1952 -1956. I don/t know exactly. I saw him in Yokosuka in 54 or 55. I was on USS Mulberry (AN 27), a net tender home-ported in Yokosuka. His name is Robert Kissner. Bob was killed in Indianapolis driving a home delivery milk truck. If you ever met him you would never forget him. I hope someone will remember him.
Thank you,
Russell E. Rhude
750 Reed Canal Rd.
South Daytona FL 32119
Louis A. Latham was my uncle. He was one of the unfortunate ones on Jan. 21, 1945. I can only guess that it is possibly his burial, along with the other 7 men who died, in the photographs of the burial on your website. I am very interested in learning a little about Louis. He died 11 years before I was born and everyone who knew him (as far as I know) is now gone. Is there any information about him or that might relate to him anywhere? Is it possible that there is still someone alive who knew my uncle? He was born and raised in a little town named Gilbertsville, NY. Thanks for the space and I hope to hear from somebody.
Bob Ketchum
I am interested in finding anyone who knew my Uncle Louis Benzie. My understanding is that he was a gunner on the USS Maddox and he was one of those killed. Do any survivors remember him? I am interested in knowing more of this young man who I only know in a picture of him wearing proudly his Navy uniform. I know it is a long shot but I felt it was worth it. Thanks for having a site that at least makes it a possibility.
                                                    Janice McNulty    
I was in the Navy on the U.S.S. Maddox 731 and want to know if you might be able to tell me where (Slim)Mangum might be? I dont know his first name because he always went by Slim. Also a Charles Klein. The time frame was  from 1955-1957. thank you very much. Richard H. Bradley

My name is Ward Wilson. My father served on the Maddox during the Korean War and he has expressed interest in getting in touch with those that are still living and remember him. His name is Robert Wilson. His nick name or monicker was "Rocky" and he served as a signals quartermaster. He was quite the musician. Maybe that will help. Ward Wilson

I would like to find more information on my Grandfather. His name was James Henry Moore Jr. and would have served probably from 1944 to 1949 on the USS Maddox DD-731. I have attached one picture of him from boot-camp. I am pretty sure that he was a signalman but do not know for sure. Any information would be nice since we do not know much about this time in his life. Derek Moore


My father served on the Maddox in WW II he was, according to my mother, one of the original crew members. He can actually be seen in a photo while attending an at sea burial from a Kamakazi attack. It would be great if he could be listed with the crew on your website. While I do not have his specific rank I do know that he was in the Naval reserve and I believe he was a fireman. If you need more specific information please let me know and I will try to obtain it. His name was James P. Harte , Charlestown,, MA. He died in May 1965. Also, if any of your members knew him would it be possible to pass on my email address as he passed away when I was young and any information regarding his time in the service woould be treasured by my family. My adress is jhart9535a@comcast.net

Thank you, Jim Harte

Ben, back in late June you added my fathers name to the crew list for the Maddox. At that time I had asked if there was any way to post his name at your reunion to see if anyone might remember him. You suggeted that a photo of him from that time period might help. Attached is a photo of my father and another sailor. The photo was apparently taken when the Maddox reached San Diego after the war. My father, Jim Harte is on the left in the photo. My sister also sent two larger photos of him in his uniform.
On the crew listing his home town is noted as Charlston, MA. The correct spelling is Charlestown.
My sister is also forwarding the burial at sea photo taken on the Maddox from January 22. Please let me know if you would like it forwarded.
As you stated it is a stretch but if any of the old crew mates remember him I can be reached at : jhart9535a@comcast.net
or 76 Reed Ave, South Weymouth, MA 02190.
Thank you, Jim Harte jr

Ben, I have a cruise book titled - Third Korean Tour - 1953. I purchased it on e-bay a couple of years ago. A scanned copy of the cover is attached as you requested.
I joined the Maddox in August of 1963 after boot camp for a six month tour prior to going IC-A school in San Diego. After completing IC school I spent the remainder of my enlistment, about 3 years, on the USS Coral Sea CVA 43. While the Coral Sea was in Subic Bay in 1965 or 1966 I was able to visit the Maddox and visit with some of my old shipmates.
I arrived on the Maddox in August of 1963 and you were the Officer on Deck. It was late at night and I had arrived in Long Beach by Greyhound Bus from my home in Kentucky after a three or four day bus trip. Not only was I exhausted but my sea bag had been placed on a later bus in St Louis and did not arrive with me. You gave me a pass to go back to the Long Beach Bus Station and wait for my bag. I returned to the bus station and waited and waited and eventually fell asleep. About 2:00 am the Navy Shore Patrol woke me up. I explained my predicament and the Shore Patrol suggested I return to the Maddox and call the Bus Station the following morning. Luckily my bag arrived the follow day.
After arriving I was initially assigned to Mr Copeland's division but since it was time for a mess cook rotation, Mr Copeland assigned me to my first real job on the Maddox - mess cook in the scullery. It was long hours and hard work but I made it through and eventually was able to work with Al Libizzi and the IC gang prior to going to IC school.
While on the Maddox at sea I remember the day it was announced on the ship's MC that President Kennedy had been shot and later it was announced that he had died. That was a sad time and somewhat scary. I also remember the time when we were going through readiness training in San Diego. During the war training scenarios I was assigned to assist Chief Hunley in the forward mess room by receiving and conveying messages by sound powered phone. I remember one exercise where the simulation was that the ship had been attached by low yield nuclear weapons and I though my goodness, I joined the Navy to see world and now I am preparing for nuclear war.
Well so much for the sea stories. I will  close for now. Hope all is well with you and hope to see you at one of the future Maddox Reunions.
Shelby Coyle

Dear Ben,

Thank you for your website. I am the Great-Granddaughter of HELD, Benjamin
Harrison, MM1, who served and died on the USS MADDOX (DD-622). It has been
really neat to see the pictures and learn more about the ship my Great
Grandfather served on. I so appreciate your service and wanted to give you
praise for such a wonderful site. My 16-year-old son also loves browsing
your sight. He is a military history buff.

I was wondering if non-members could post things in your newsletter. I
would like to find out if there are any survivors who knew my
Great-Grandfather and would be willing to tell me a little about him. I was
told he might have played baseball on a navy team. I do not know much more
than this.

Thank you again for such a wonderful sight it is bookmarked in my favorites.

Shannon Brier thebriers@direcway.com

This Death notice recently appeared and may be of interest for those of you who served in Maddox in 1945.

The man's name is Howard Guy Ervin, a Naval pilot in World War ll and recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross. He had two terms of combat during the South Pacific being based on Henderson Field during the Solomon Island invasion and on the carrier U.S.S Hornet in 1944 and 1945. As a dive bomber pilot he made strikes on Japanese held island and Japanese fleet. His squadron supported MacAuthur's landing on Letye Gulf. On January 15th 1945 his plane was severely damaged by anti-aircraft fire and was forced to make a crash landing in heavy seas during the monsoon season. Fortunately he was picked up after two passes by the destroyer U.S.S. Maddox. His radioman was lost.

If you have any additional information about the pickup of Howard Ervin, please e-mail me.